We envision a society where people unite to
create a more just and equitable world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce social inequity, drive systems change and improve the lives of people impacted by the criminal legal system.

Our Vision

We envision a society where people unite to create
a more just and equitable world.

Our Belief

We believe that our criminal justice system has perpetuated a terrible stain upon our nation. Instead of rehabilitating people and positively transforming their lives, our system has exacerbated racial and economic disparities, further harming our nation’s most marginalized populations.  To correct this, we believe it requires the collaboration of many stakeholders.

Success, Healthy Families & Safe Communities

As individuals we are all unique. And at PURE 1, we value and honor the differences within each of us. But despite our individual differences we all want success, healthy families and safe communities. So we call on the community to help each and every one of us achieve these things.

We are committed to correcting injustices, healing communities, and transforming lives. By collaborating with numerous organizations across the country, we not only support one another in maximizing our impact, we aid in speeding up the change we all hope for.

Our Values​

Giving praise to the One who had given him the opportunity to change, our founder named this organization after the only One who is truly PURE.

Our values are embodied in our name:





Our Core 3 Services

Facilitating Collaboration & Streamlining Communication


Changing Perceptions & Reshaping Narratives


Challenging Biases & Repairing Harm

With our online platform we provide a centralized location to help criminal justice stakeholders easily share and access relevant data and information, mobilize community members, and effectively market organizations’ services to justice involved individuals.

In collaboration with community partners, we create, co-sponsor and promote campaigns to help advocacy groups change public perception, increase community engagement, and rebuild communities.

Through strategic alliances, we co-develop and manage programs designed to help alleviate social and racial inequities, facilitate personal development, and improve the lives of those impacted by the criminal legal system.

A Letter from Our Founder

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

~Margaret Mead

Being abandoned and on my own since the age of 14, I’ve personally known the injustices of poverty, incarceration, and homelessness. Suffering from emotional pains and without guidance and resources I had made poor decisions which reverberated throughout my life for the next twenty-one years.

Instead of helping me overcome my emotional trauma, economic instability, and lack of opportunity, our criminal justice system exacerbated these problems. This deepened the anger and resentment I felt, reaffirming my belief that it was “me against the world”. And it wasn’t until I went through a series of profound spiritual events that I was able to begin seeking a new path. A path that I had discovered, one could not travel alone.

This path of change starts with the individual, it spreads to their inner-circle, and then impacts their community. We have all seen countless people, groups, and organizations wanting to see positive change.  But I believe that in order to have meaningful and sustainable change within our criminal justice system, it must come from all directions, with input from every stakeholder.

We need individual change from within, and public perception change from without.

We need systemic change from the top, and community change from the bottom.

We need a change in actions from the left, and a change in values from the right.

Although I’m constantly reminded of the good that people want to achieve, I continuously witness the struggles and barriers they face. Ineffective communication, limited resources, and a lack of centralization often hinder effective collaboration. Seeing these challenges is what inspired the development of this site. My hope is that people will be able to use this platform to begin working together more effectively, and finally bring about change.


Bobby Jones-Hanley

Our Team

Bobby Jones-Hanley:
Executive Director

Bobby is a social justice change agent and entrepreneur dedicated to improving the lives and economic standing of marginalized communities. His passion for positive change is fueled by his personal life experiences. As a system impacted individual with over 29 years within the criminal justice system, he’s devoted himself to alleviating social injustices and changing the narrative for the formerly incarcerated.

He’s worked in San Francisco’s workforce development, specializing in helping reentry and homeless individuals find employment, secure housing, and increase their educational attainment. He’s a co-chair on the Legislation, Policy, and Practices subcommittee of San Francisco’s Reentry Council and sits on the Strategy Leadership Advisory Team of Excell Network, an organization dedicated to helping the formerly incarcerated change their lives through higher education. He volunteers with numerous organizations including Defy Ventures, Back on My Feet, and has coached students in creating a prosecutorial reform tool at Stanford’s Extreme D.School. Finally, Bobby is also the Deputy Director at California Reentry Institute, a Pre & Post Release Reentry Program serving justice involved individuals in California.

Terrance Blake:
Community Engagement Manager

Terrance Blake Sr. is a dedicated representative for the many long-term offenders, homeless, youth and individuals suffering various barriers. He began his current journey after spending 18 years in prison, determined to make a difference.

Upon his own release Terrance began working for Goodwill, mentoring those who came after him on the difficulties and life challenges that the formerly incarcerated face. He went on to work for Hunters Point Family in Civic Center, providing safety and security as well as motivation for newly released lifers.

Terrance has worked as an Activities Coordinator in the Community Building Program for San Francisco’s Central City Hospitality House, while simultaneously working for Recovery Survival Network, a housing provider contracted with adult probation. Although Terrance has worn many hats in his various roles, his specialty is mentoring and connecting with reentry individuals. He’s helped countless people successfully transition back into the community.

Kristina “Kris” Sosa:
Director of Programs

Kris is a social change professional dedicated to providing a voice to the silent and a path for the lost. Having been in and out of the criminal justice system, Kris had struggled with addiction and was oppressed by her own afflictions for over 15 years. Today, she uses her faith for guidance and her story to provide inspiration.

With Kris’ pre-incarceration professional experience in business systems administration and human resources she was able to quickly work her way up from a peer advocate position to a program compliance coordinator for a major nonprofit organization serving the homeless in San Francisco. She brings experience in workforce development, housing and organizational compliance and is well versed in business systems implementation, administration and HR operations.

Kris is passionate about changing the criminal justice system and focused on assisting reentry community members. Her desire to be a part of change and the re-education of the way society views the world and its members is her driving force.

Edwin “Zakee” Hutchison:
Director of Communications

Edwin “Zakee” Hutchison is a social and political advocate specializing in assisting returning citizens navigate the social, emotional, and often difficult first 90 days of post-release. As an Implementation Specialist for a reentry mobile application called Vergil, Zakee helped individuals find employment, locate housing, achieve educational goals, and improve their overall socio-economic position.

His desire for success, positive change, and improving the lives of those impacted by the criminal justice system are prompted by his personal life experiences. As both a veteran and formerly incarcerated individual, Zakee has devoted himself to helping others learn accountability, transform their lives and change their narratives.

With his military experience he brings tremendous discipline to any team. His strong faith fosters his devotion for serving others. And his personal and professional experience allows him to bring a wealth of knowledge and connections.

Wayne “Israel” Richardson:
Creative Manager

Israel Richardson is a prophetic voice to this generation concerning God’s love and inner healing.

As a result of his father being caught in the crack epidemic, he was raised in a single parent home in the small city of Columbia, SC and left home at the age of 17 to venture into the city of Atlanta, GA. While in Atlanta he was a part of the growing hip-hop music industry and experienced success in his field. The haunting nature of temptations, vices and empty promises that success brings, shaped Israel’s journey on the effects of emotional trauma.

He credits this experience as the one major factor that really sparked a beautiful journey of healing and wholeness. Being a creative at heart, since leaving the music industry, Israel has started a media company, developed a gift in public speaking, and developed a program that creates and facilitates healing experiences for those in need. In his own words his life purpose is to heal peoples’ ability to give and receive love. He now is an avid speaker of true emotional healing, love, health, addiction and the Gospel while traveling the U.S. with his family of five.


Linda Connelly:
Founder of Successful Reentry LLC

A leader in community corrections for over 40 years, Linda Connelly has worked with both public and private agencies in the criminal justice field, specializing in reentry, direct service, electronic monitoring, as well as program and policy development.

In 1991, Linda founded Leaders in Community Alternatives (LCA), a community-based organization providing programs throughout California including residential, day reporting and electronic monitoring with case management. She has worked with electronic monitoring since its inception in the 1980’s, developing the first electronic monitoring program for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Ms. Connelly has worked at the State and Federal levels across the country to develop community programs for the criminal justice population that focus on public safety, while addressing root causes of criminal behavior. Her approach has always been in partnership with public and private sector leaders with successes that include a model for residential substance abuse treatment program for homeless parolees which changed the traditional therapeutic community treatment approach, the first rehabilitative private prison in the United States, state-of the art use of technology including the first ever 24-hour alcohol-monitoring tool with SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor), GPS when it was first introduced in 2006, and most recently in response to AB 109 (realignment) in California with innovative Day Reporting Center programs.

Linda is routinely relied upon for her expertise and leadership in the field, especially as an informed and impartial voice addressing such critical issues as community-based programs that reduce recidivism, Re-Entry Services from prison and jails, efficient use of criminal justice resources and electronic monitoring.

Julio Escobar:
Founder of Excell Network & Director of Restorative Justice Ministry at the Archdiocese of San Francisco

Born in San Francisco California, United States, from the age of 3 to 16 years old he lived in El Salvador where he survived the extensive violence of the civil war of that country. At 16 he returned to San Francisco and has dedicated his career and mission of life for peace and justice efforts.

Julio founded the San Dimas Community non-profit, an organization focused on the rehabilitation of vulnerable and new migrant youth, youth in gangs, and drug addiction. In addition, Julio coordinates the San Francisco Archdiocese Restorative Justice ministry that supports homicide survivors or co-victims, offenders in jails and prisons, formerly incarcerated reentry and reintegration into society, and families separated by incarceration including ICE deportations. Julio has nearly 25 years of service in restorative justice ministry.

Albert Hu, PhD

In retirement, Dr. Hu has been devoting his time to help students in rural, remote and disadvantaged regions to access Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and upskilling training. 

Dr. Hu received his PhD degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the area of Bayesian Learning and Optimization of Semiconductor Processes.  The IEEE journal publication from his PhD thesis, as ranked by Google Scholar, is the most cited in its subject area in the past 25 years.

Dr. Hu also received two executive education certificates from Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB); one on EPGC (Executive Program for Growing Companies), the other on Negotiation and Influence Strategy.

Dr. Hu was a tenure-track faculty member at San Jose State University, appointed first in mechanical engineering and then electrical engineering departments during 1992 to 1996.  Engineering students voted Dr. Hu as Professor of the Year in 1993-1994.  From 1996, Dr. Hu left university to start or join technology companies as CEO, board director, founders, or advisors.

Sofia Poni:
Owner & CEO Poni Insurance Agency, Farmers Insurance

With over 20 years of customer service and management experience, Sofia’s professional background focuses in the financial services sector.

From 2005 through 2013 she co-owned an international small business selling IT hardware in the U.S. and England. Sofia worked for Farmers Insurance since 2013 as a personal lines manager and became an Agency Owner in 2019.

Sofia is also a professional financial management and insurance lecturer and instructor. She’s volunteered her time offering Financial Literacy webinars to reentry community members sponsored by Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) and Defy Ventures. She’s also been a guest on various podcasts and You Tube channels discussing the importance of insurance.