Pure 1 seeks to change the reentry experience for returning citizens, and I want to help make this happen. Because of high incarceration levels, a constant stream of individuals is released back into our communities. Most have had traumatic experiences that they are trying to heal from. They have been away from technology and social change, and often struggle to find shelter, employment and health care. Many organizations provide services, but I see what Pure 1 is doing as special. By focusing on trusted advisors, people who have similar lived experiences including incarceration, they provide a way for people to make personal progress, and not get trapped or confused by conflicting processes and goals. Pure 1 leverages technology through interlinked data systems that allow citizens to more easily navigate the reentry process. I’ve been able to assist with a variety of tasks, including grant development, support for legislative action and demonstration projects. I’ve found the work to be enlightening and rewarding!