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Ready To Make A Change?

Our community consists of various stakeholders including people from community-based organizations, government agencies, people who were formerly incarcerated and concerned community members who want to see a positive change. Sign up today for a Community Member Account by becoming a Community Builder or Registered Organization and help us create a more just and equitable society for everyone.

Join our Community Builder- Membership Program for only $59.99 per year to help change the narrative and provide employment, housing and other opportunities for justice-involved individuals.

Community Builders can post Monthly Promotional Flyers.

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Our Community Driven Platform

At PURE 1, we envision a society where people unite to create a more just and equitable world. We also believe that truly positive and sustainable change requires input by all stakeholders. So we created this community-driven platform to empower all criminal justice system stakeholders.

Individual Subscribers

Our Individual Subscribers enjoy a free account which allows them to leverage the information, resources and content provided by our supporting members and groups. Individual subscribers include the formerly incarcerated, system-impacted families and victims of crime.

Note: We believe that amplifying the voices of the formerly incarcerated, systems impacted families and those who have been harmed is vital. Thus, we often send out surveys to gain input by those closest to the problems. Please take our current survey now.

Community Builders

Community Builders consist of academics, advocates, community leaders and individuals who may work for service providers yet who want to contribute to the community in their own personal capacity. Anyone who wishes to help support this platform and facilitate meaningful criminal justice system change is welcomed to join our community as a Community Builder.

Registered Organizations &
Work Groups

Registered organizations and work groups are able to increase their exposure, improve stakeholder communications and provide expertise to help reentry, justice-involved and homeless individuals fundamentally improve their lives. With minimal effort uploading content and a small annual fee, supporting groups help us reshape narratives, increase public safety and improve the lives of those impacted by the criminal justice system.

Registered organizations include Reentry Service Providers, Government Agencies, Criminal Justice System Councils, Coalitions and Work Groups.

(Note: A formal legal business structure is not required to be a Registered Organization. Yet, if the group does not have a legal business structure, it must have its own website.)

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Volunteers are critical to our work. We invite all members of our community to come volunteer with us and share your skills and experience to help us break the cycle of poverty, incarceration and homelessness. Complete this form to start volunteering today!


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