Game Changers Program

Game Changers Leadership Program

PURE 1 aims to build a community of Game Changers across the U.S. who can take the lead in providing guidance and advice to people returning to the community from incarceration.

Through our Pathway to Success program, individuals seeking careers in the social services, advocacy and policy sectors can apply to become Game Changer Mentees. Taking this path requires participants to perform additional activities and training in order to develop their leadership skills, increase their experience and pave their career pathway.

Game Changer Mentees will gain knowledge and skill from industry leaders through our Game Changer discussion board forum, conduct outreach in the community, and obtain hands-on training by facilitating modules of future cohorts. Apply to become a Game Changer Mentee through our Pathway to Success Program.

If you’re already a Game Changer, apply today and help build our community leaders of tomorrow!

Building Trust

Building Leaders

Career Path

Already A Game Changer?​

Are you actively working in the social services, advocacy, or policy sectors?

PURE 1’s Game Changers are people who have been incarcerated or had a criminal conviction and who’ve chosen to work daily to give back to the communities they’ve once harmed.

Our Game Changers help change narratives, improve lives, and assist others who’ve been impacted by the criminal legal system.

You will be responsible for:

  • Moderating our Game Changer Discussion Board
  • Creating role models through mentorship
  • Developing our mentees’ leadership skills
  • Sharing advice and giving feedback to the re-entry community

Click Here to find Game Changers in your state.


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