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Disjointed systems and agencies, a lack of credible information, and limited resources make it difficult to create impactful solutions. We’ve developed our Discussion Boards to be an intersection where research, advocacy, and solutions meet.

Similar to a library, our discussion boards are used as a centralized repository to store and retrieve powerful information, data and links to multimedia content centered around positively changing the criminal justice system.

In being a community driven platform, all discussion content within the forum reflects the views of individual participants only and do not necessarily represent the views held by PURE 1 nor it’s fiscal sponsor IAM as an organization. By using this forum, you agree to abide by PURE 1’s Community Terms of Use and the Community Guidelines.



POSTING TYPE: In one-word state, whether you’re sharing a Problem, a Solution, Information, a Question, Resources, Toolkits, a Video, or something else.
(If you’re sharing a video, note its entire length and where someone should start watching if there’s specific information within the video you’re wanting to convey.)

TITLE: Provide a brief title of six (6) words or less describing what you’re sharing.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Concisely provide greater details about what you’re sharing.
(Preferably in 1-4 sentences or less if possible.)

WEBSITE or VIDEO LINK: Include web links to source information or videos (if applicable).

If you have questions or concerns about this forum, please contact PURE 1 at community-help@pure1.org.

Create space to share and leverage tools, data, knowledge and resources.

Find change campaigns and access their toolkits, resources and lessons learned.

Increase the public’s awareness of deep-rooted problems and associated solutions.

Judicial System/Sentencing Change
Supervision, Parole and Probation Change