A leader in community corrections for over 40 years, Linda Connelly has worked with both public and private agencies in the criminal justice field, specializing in reentry, direct service, electronic monitoring, as well as program and policy development.

In 1991, Linda founded Leaders in Community Alternatives (LCA), a community-based organization providing programs throughout California including residential, day reporting and electronic monitoring with case management. She has worked with electronic monitoring since its inception in the 1980’s, developing the first electronic monitoring program for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Ms. Connelly has worked at the State and Federal levels across the country to develop community programs for the criminal justice population that focus on public safety, while addressing root causes of criminal behavior. Her approach has always been in partnership with public and private sector leaders with successes that include a model for residential substance abuse treatment program for homeless parolees which changed the traditional therapeutic community treatment approach, the first rehabilitative private prison in the United States, state-of the art use of technology including the first ever 24-hour alcohol-monitoring tool with SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor), GPS when it was first introduced in 2006, and most recently in response to AB 109 (realignment) in California with innovative Day Reporting Center programs.

Linda is routinely relied upon for her expertise and leadership in the field, especially as an informed and impartial voice addressing such critical issues as community-based programs that reduce recidivism, Re-Entry Services from prison and jails, efficient use of criminal justice resources and electronic monitoring.