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Criminal Justice stakeholders sharing data, information, best practices and ideas to create better programs and system-wide change.

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As service providers, advocates and policymakers articulate policy recommendations for criminal justice change, the need for bridging siloed systems and creating inter-agency cooperation becomes evident.

Our collaborative portals were specifically designed to bridge this gap, acting as an intersection where academics, advocates and community leaders can share information, media content and implementable solutions.

Maximize Discussion Board usage to accelerate positive change.

Increase stakeholder’s engagement and deepen community understanding.

Streamline finding and sharing info, resources, and powerful videos through standardization.

8 Criminal Justice Change Areas

Facilitating system change through promoting the work and activities of various stakeholders.
Click on any area to learn more about those leading the change.

Collectively Ensuring Positive Change

We believe that in order to truly see meaningful criminal justice system change, we must create solutions that address both individual and societal issues. And we must do so in a way that is inclusive of all stakeholders.

Academics, advocates, community leaders, systems impacted individuals, organizations and collaborative working groups can use our Discussion Boards and Event Calendars to:

  • Identify criminal justice system problems, solutions and best practices
  • Share research, data, information and powerful videos
  • Distribute campaign information and work group materials
  • Locate current resources, technology, and tools available

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