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Take action in healing and rebuilding our communities by participating in the various campaigns, events and activities created by our partners.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

~Lao Tzu

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Texas Prisons Air Conditioning Advocates

Reform Alliance

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Leveraging Lived Experience
To Effectuate Change

T.E.A.M (Transition-Empowerment-Advocacy-Mindset) is a robust media platform which will “consciously” leverage the lived experiences of our guests through a unique and informed approach.

Conversations with athletes and influencers, discussing common problems, and how we can overcome them to empower the culture to thrive as individuals…and as a team.

Experiential Learning Activities

Facilitating individual and community growth through partner sponsored workshops and activities.

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National Events Three Focus Areas

Community Building And Networking Activities

Restorative Justice And Healing Workshops

Campaigns And Events Focusing On Systems Change

Online National Events

Coordinating Activities

As service providers, advocates and policymakers articulate policy recommendations for criminal justice change, the need for bridging siloed systems and creating inter-agency cooperation becomes evident.

Our collaborative portals were specifically designed to bridge this gap, acting as an intersection where academics, advocates and community leaders can share information, media content and implementable solutions.

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